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So what are MP3's?

If you are asking yourself "What is all of this MP3, CDA, jargon I keep hearing about?"  Have no fear, listed below is a guide that can kind of help you understand this MP3 music craze.

First off MP3, CDA, and WAV are all file types.  For example, a plain text document would have a file type of TXT.  So lets say I have a Text document called Resume.  The complete file name in Windows would be Resume.TXT.  These extensions (TXT, MP3, WAV, CDA) tell windows what application to use to open the file.

For example, By default MS Notepad is used to open all TXT documents.  So any file with a TXT extension would be automatically opened by MS Notepad.

So in review any MP3 I download from PBTMLive will be called "filename.MP3"

If I had two MP3's, one called mysong and

the other called Sail_Away the complete file names would be

mysong.MP3 and Sail_Away.MP3 



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To search for multiple keywords, separate words using "," example: enter "piano, guitar" to search for a theme that has the instruments piano and guitar. You may also search by song number or song title.

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If you need an actual "hard disc" of any of these music selections, you can go direct to the source The QCCS Music Library and place an order to be shipped by regular mail. This website contains 885 individual sound files.

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